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راجع شركة الاتصالات للمزيد من التفاصيل، ويفضل استخدام ال Wi-Fi عند اجراء محادثات الفيديو خصائص التطبيق 1. Haben Sie gemeinsame Chatapps satt und werden Sie immer von anderen ignoriert? Só clique o botão de chamada de vídeo, a App vai te ajudar encontrar o companheiro de chamda de vídeo com forma aleatória.Sind Sie es müde, andere trügerisch, unehrlich zu sein und über ihr Geschlecht zu lügen? Você não só pode escolher o sexo do seu companheiro, mas também pode selecionar a região que você deseja pesquisar.Do you live in a place where is too hard to connect with others or feeling lonely and need to exchange of thoughts, ideas or feelings with someone? AHA also does not support any in-app screenshot function Notice: additional fees may apply when using cellular data. AHA Conversa Chamada de Vídeo A maneira mais fácil para fazer novos amigos através de chamadas de vídeo!Say Bye-bye to common chatting and texting apps,With our new alternative “AHA” “AHA” is an application that allow you to make video calls with others, we totally believe that video calls is the best way to connect with others and building friendships, regardless of common texting apps. We recommend using an unlimited data plan or Wi-Fi connection. Você se enfare com APP comum de conversa e sempre foi ignorado por outros?To do so, you'll need to add a couple of special characters before and after whatever it is you want to format.To bold text in Whats App, use an asterisk (*bold*); italicize text with an underscore (_italicize_); create strikethrough text with tildes (~strikethrough~).

Whats App provides the option to mute a chat from 8 hours to 1 year, which seems a bit like overkill. Whats App provides three options: Everyone, My contacts, Nobody.

Going one step further, you can disable read receipts in Whats App.

This will prevent fellow users from knowing you have read a message.

Are you tired of others being deceptive, dishonest and lie about their gender? Dozens of quality effects and filters to make you looking better during video chatting. AHA won’t access your location as you can control it from your phone privacy setting.

Would you like to build true friendship with people around the world without checking their profile? Any information you share with your friends through AHA is your responsibility.

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