Scotish marriage and dating customs desktopdating net spam

“There are Celtic, Gaelic, and Norman backgrounds that dictate traditions,” says Taryn.

“Neil’s background is Norman and Anglo-Saxon, so we did not incorporate any Celtic traditions.“Since we’re both dancers, my sister did a great reading about dancers and life at the Scotland wedding.”The ceremony was mostly Jewish.

“We married under a chuppah and broke the glass, the Rabbi read the Seven Blessings, and we did a hora as well as the ceilidh dance!

Today, some couples follow the old tradition of getting married just outside the church doors, and then enter the church for a nuptial mass.The bridal couple are either bagpiped down the aisle or traditional Gaelic hymns are played.The familiar “Highland Wedding Song,” which you’ve heard many times, is played at almost all Scottish weddings.It’s like our bridal shower, and the bride’s friends bring gifts to help her in her new home.Presents are opened and the bride’s mother serves cakes and tea.

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