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Our belief is to connect and empower gay and bisexual men in the UK and across the globe.We love meaningful debate, chats and well, discussing the finer things in life.As long you are over 18, your content is legal and owned by you, it’s all fine by us.There are no limitations to how many profiles you view or connect with. Meet new guys and make friends with our powerful distance and guy type search function.Ratings for treatment as prevention did not vary by age, ethnicity, education, relationship status or number of sex partners, but men who identified as gay were more likely to believe it to be effective.

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The 732 participants were all men who have sex with men, living in New York City, recruited through advertisements on Facebook, gay websites and dating apps.

As part of a broader survey on sexual health for men who have sex with men, they were asked: “If an HIV-negative man and an HIV-positive man have anal sex together without condoms, how much protection would the following strategies provide against HIV transmission? Whereas scientific studies now clearly show there is effectively no risk of HIV transmission from a sexual partner with a sustained undetectable viral load (a position publicly endorsed by the CDC and New York’s public health authorities), survey respondents showed some scepticism.

Not knowing these terms was rare in people living with HIV (2.3% and 0% respectively), but more common in HIV-negative men (11.3% and 7.5% respectively).

“Much still needs to be done to promote Tas P [treatment as prevention] and make the strategy acceptable among MSM [men who have sex with men] and the general population,” the authors say.

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