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From the complexities of the Old and the New Testament to the challenges of the breadth of Jewish History, our academic expertise explores the foundational texts and histories of Western civilisation.Founded in 1945, the Department of Hebrew, Biblical and Jewish Studies (formerly the Department of Semitic Studies) teaches programs in Classical Hebrew and Arabic along with other ancient Semitic languages such as Aramaic and Ugaritic. The present volume also deserves serious consideration. The massive response to their earlier work (especially represented in print in the 2012 Diachrony in Biblical Hebrew [hereafter DBH]) indicates that it was taken seriously (see here pp. 12-15 for a survey of the enormous response, including multiple conference sessions). The focus of the book is on the inferior nature of the evidence in the Masoretic text (hereafter MT) for the reconstruction of the history of ancient Hebrew on the basis of current critical scholarship and textual criticism of these writings and on the use of historical linguistic methodology in such an undertaking. In it the authors have marshalled extensive historical linguistic evidence and presented it systematically.Further, Hurvitz’ method assumes that books like Samuel are not ‘chronologically problematic’ and are indisputably pre-exilic.He also argues that study of the language must take greater account of socio-linguistic factors, such as dialect variation and diglossia, as well as scribal factors such as editorial and scribal revision.

Historical Linguistics & Biblical Hebrew: Steps toward an Integrated Approach. Their conclusion is already anticipated in the introduction, where they propose "a new perspective on the language of Biblical Hebrew (BH): not only is the linguistic dating of biblical writings unfeasible, but the distribution of linguistic data in the Masoretic Text (MT) of the Hebrew Bible suggests that EBH (Early Biblical Hebrew) and LBH (Late Biblical Hebrew) are better explained in general by a model of co-existing styles of literary Hebrew throughout the biblical period" (HLBH, p. In the first paragraph of their introduction the authors very briefly summarize the so-called "maximalist" and "minimalist" controversy that reached a high point in the 1990s (and has not subsided until today), but they make no further reference to it.

Biblical Studies and Classical Hebrew will allow you to explore some of the foundational texts and histories of Western civilisation.

Encountering the Bible in translation or learning to read these texts in Hebrew, you will consider the themes and message of the biblical books, experiment with new approaches to texts and ideas and challenge common assumptions.

Further, the number of nouns is similar in Samuel (5), Kings (4), Chronicles (4), Nehemiah (3), and Ezra (2).

The misjudgment of the feature as late seems to be skewed by distribution of just one word, מַלְכוּת.

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