Raymond lam tavia yeung dating

In order to pursue Linda, Raymond sent many SMSes to her, and drove her around, picking her up from work in his Benz.

When Ron Ng filmed [Yes Sir, Sorry Sir] with Linda last year, it was rumoured that Ron Ng pried hard at Linda, and the 2 of them were caught having a good time together at Kowloon City Grill, and were taking pictures together in an intimate manner.

In April this year, the present of a branded watch Linda exposed to be from someone of the opposite sex was from this verynew boyfriend.

When Linda pulled down the shades for her "boyfriend" to avoid the cameras, seeing that reporters continued taking pictures, Linda changed her mind, appearing as ‘TV Queen”,changing from initial Miss Cool to a smiling, welcoming Linda.

Failing to get rid of the reporters, Linda got her "boyfriend" to let her get off the car at Aberdeen, trying to divert attention away from him.

When asked if she was really going out with her "boyfriend", Linda replied with well-practised ease,“No, we are just friends!

Someone Interfered Linda, having a good and innocent image, never officially made known tothe public that she was dating, setting her apart from fadans of the same generation, e.g., Bernice Liu, Fala Chen, Myolie Wu ad Tavia Yeung, who are all attached and labelled by the men.

Thoughts: I dunno what to say...reporters have a really big imagination : P Since the big rise of Miss Koo, I guess the reporters just really needed some news, so they kinda dug everything up and pieced it into this.

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