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Chat services which may use a live web cam include but are not limited to: Skype, Facebook, Omegle, and MSN.

Although Skype does allow use of a live web cam, there is a need to buy a premium account if you wish to do a group video call. According to the Omegle website: Omegle is a great way of meeting new friends.

Thursday (January 24) morning, Rockstar announced a new release date of April 29.

And the delay, Barrera said, makes the game stronger.

In a follow-up to MTV News' interview with Barrera, a Rockstar rep alleviated the concern, stating that the Xbox 360 version of the game, as occasionally had been rumored, will not require a hard drive.) The portions of the game that Barrera and a controller-wielding Rockstar spokesperson demonstrated for MTV News earlier this week looked and appeared to play like earlier "GTA" games but with significantly refined controls and graphics. Unlike Rockstar's recent schoolyard game, "Bully," the main male character won't be able to get involved with other guys, but straight relationships will continue. "Obviously it's a mature title and there's human relations.

Nevertheless, Barrera said that much hasn't been shown and that the creators' goal is to hit players with "surprise after surprise." This is a different kind of "GTA," he said. That's a natural thing." Violence in the game may feel a little different this time.

"This is the story of an immigrant, and we feel that this world is so real and has so many details that you are the immigrant. So you're kind of coasting along with [protagonist] Niko [Belic] in sort of a way that hasn't been done before in our games. We're not giving any of that away yet, but it definitely sets up the story and the mood ... "The way that we're telling it takes a different tone," Barrera said.

However to call a landline or mobile phone, you must pay to use those services."We wanted the time, and I think we made the right choice.It was very difficult to make the choice because everybody wanted it."The missions you saw today were pretty straightforward action missions, but there are some missions that have half-a-dozen ways to beat it." Barrera wouldn't talk about the game's multiplayer modes, its music or the planned downloadable bonus content for the Xbox 360 version. He did shoot down the prospect of a free trial version of the game: "We usually don't do demo." And while not offering an estimated length to the game, he said, "I find this game — because of the detail and trying to explore every single bit — that this is a much richer experience than anything we've done in the past." He said the new game has been designed with at least one eye on the message boards and other fan reaction.Rockstar is aiming to please and to keep its fans busy.

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