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The date stamp on the butt-end of the neck is "JUL 64".Upon removing the neck, I examined the socket where the neck attaches to the body and was interested to see there were no signs of other color finishes.In my research of mandocasters there is another thing that is intriguing.Every one I have seen, including mine, has a small dot on the back of the peghead. mrmando, I guess the finish is factory and I have spent hours searching the web to find another one like it.An American icon, Fender was born in Southern California and has built a worldwide influence extending beyond the studio and the stage.A Fender is more than an instrument, it’s a cultural symbol that resonates globally. In this role, you will provide payroll administration for 1000 employees in multiple-states - primarily in California and Arizona.Gear: The Current Cast of Characters By the way, I probably used the "vintage" term loosely since I don't know the manufacture date yet.It's most likely between 19 based on the "Original Contour Body" logo on the peghead.

Gear: The Current Cast of Characters Ed, I need to get the strings back on so I can get in back in playing shape.I discovered this site during research for my Fender Mandocaster.It's hard to find examples of the Cherry Red (some places Candy Apple Red) paint scheme so I thougt I should post a photo here.mrmando asked it it's been refinished and I replied that I don't know. Who knows what the history was before that, although I still might get some vague answers since I still know one of the relatives.Hopefully there will be some evidence of refinishing or not under the neck or maybe under the pickguard. I'll post photos of the neck removal details tonight or tomorrow. Oddly enough, I had similar questions about a Fender Coronado II hollow body electric giutar a while back.

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