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The study found that there were a few people who ignored the obvious consequences and lied in a big way in their online profiles.

He mentions that these people are probably where most horror stories about lying in online dating profiles originate.

William John Hill explored the region, discovering the Clare Valley in 1838.

By 1848 some Jesuit priests - banished from most of Europe - had arrived in the district known as Sevenhill, to join and support the English, Irish, Polish, German and Silesian settlers.

There are plenty of stories, each more frightening than the last, about first dates gone terribly wrong when the other person showed up and it was obvious that they had lied on their online profile about something really fundamental like their weight, height, or even age.

The Clare Valley (a 140km north of Adelaide, South Australia) is famous for its wines and food.On 25 June 1991, the Republic of Slovenia declared its independence.About 7 percent of the population speaks Serbo-Croatian.The biggest lie for: The lies about weight are particularly astounding.It would be immediately obvious to almost anyone that their date had lied about their weight if they showed up 35 pounds heavier than they claimed to be.

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