Orgasm denial dating stories

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Orgasm denial is a kind of sex play that involves maintaining a high level of arousal for an extended period of time without orgasm.

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These stories concern people in bondage & bdsm scenes and are therefore adult in nature.

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I can see that your nipples are hard and your slit moist and I feel myself growing hard.

You raise your finger to your lips as if to silence me but instead let it fall between your lips.

You stands up, your legs in shiny stockings and high heels. Your kisses continue and then stop at my point of pleasure. You push me down on the bed and handcuff me to the headboard. You then get on the bed and stand above me, letting your hips gyrate to the faint sound of music that I can hear in the background. You quickly stand up and then squat down just above my face. Your finger starts spreading your own lips and running them up and down.Orgasm denial can be used as a training tool for things like increasing tolerance for stimulation, learning how to control orgasms, learning how to orgasm on demand, and learning how to be a more eager-to-please partner. Some research suggests that many as one in three of us has difficulty achieving orgasm during sex.Your mouth becomes a heaven for my dick and I moan with pleasure. But when I am just on the edge again, you stop again.I lay there for a while and then start to struggle.

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