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It’s describing the time — three months — you typically date someone before figuring out if you want to stay together.After three months of dating, which is about enough time for the honeymoon period to wear off and people’s true colors to start shining through, people usually decide whether to continue or to break up.Caspering is sort of the same thing — just lighter and nicer.For those out there who don’t know, Casper was a friendly ghost in comics and cartoons starting in the 1940s and most recently in a 1995 movie with Christina Ricci.As the summer months start winding down and it gets cooler, so does our lustiness.During the summer, we want to party, have fun, and not be tied down.Caspering is slowly disappearing in a nicer (if that’s possible) way.

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You may even be truthful with her before you disappear from her life.

Nothing that will be a disqualifier — just a lil’ white lie. You may think they have potential, but you’re not necessarily feeling it.

In sports, when someone isn’t performing as well as they should, they make a mistake, or they get hurt, they’re taken out of the game and told to sit on the bench. So you pull them out of your normal dating/texting rotation, sit them on the bench, and see what your other prospects are up to.

Urban Dictionary defines the term one and done as the act of sleeping with someone once before ending the relationship.

Another definition of one and done is a competition that features a single elimination: If the player or team loses just once, they are out of the tournament.

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