One on one dating coach

My favorite thing about this work is that I get to see women start to trust their intuition, feel confidence to put themselves out there in new ways and develop boundaries to fiercely represent themselves in their dating lives.

All of this work leads to better dates and more joy along the way.

By working together, you will learn that dating more consciously is the key to creating a successful relationship.

Now my mission is to share matchmaking tools with women who want to trade in their dating anxiety for a secure, purposeful and fulfilled dating life. LW: The truth is that even though we have more tools than ever to date, the dating landscape has never been harder to navigate.

Between swiping to find matches, awkward small talk and the actual process of dating – with the possibility of ending up back at the drawing board – it can be Imagine if there was a person that was in your corner who taught you how to date better? After years as a matchmaker, Lily is now one of NYC’s most prestigious dating coaches. LILY WOMBLE: I was one of the top matchmakers at the largest firm in the country.

She founded the company Date Brazen that helps women swipe with intention. But I broke up with the industry because I found that date coaching was the long-term fix many of my clients needed.

For some people, the friends as matchmaker thing may even work out.

But more often than not, it doesn't, and here's why.

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