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Swan, Before I express my condolences for the fact you had another disastrous date (or at least a disastrous end to a date), I have to clarify my position on the pi issue.Calling out pi would be referencing pi in its purest form, an acknowledgment of its infinite quality.My dry-cleaner, a very nice old man named Sid, then proceeded to scratch at it with his fingernail and bring it up to his face to smell it.Thinking quickly as my face turned the same shade as the tomatoes I'm cutting right now, I told him it was egg white.Thank you to SR and Lucette212 for their work on this chapter.Sorry we didn't respond to all of the reviews for the last chapter. But please know that we read and appreciate each one, especially all of the bad date stories you've shared.

If you are telling me to read between the lines because you cannot bear to tell the story, then feel free to leave me to my imagination. I usually try not to talk to him, but it was imperative today that I find all the ingredients for this pasta.I'm currently imagining that this man thought he was owed something, despite the fact you paid for your own lunch. I had to ask him for more stock of a particular brand of heavy cream.For some reason, he thought I was trying to start a conversation, when really all I needed was cream. Please do not become a lesbian and move interstate. I don't own a Sham Wow (if I did, I would've loaned it to you for your, er, date), but the Slap Chop is promoted by the same guy, and he was just so convincing in the commercial.That being said, perhaps a good-looking cop will show up at the scene, and whisk you away for a weekend in Vermont. You see, I'm prone to being strangely optimistic in certain circumstances.I think there's a part of me that wants to believe that there's a happy ending for all of us.

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