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We supply you only with the excellent quality stuff such as both Black Girlfriends pictures and videos.Hundreds of the most attractive black amateur mommies adore getting drilled inside their black muffs.a shepherd who would become Israel’s first king.” Scott Stripling, ABR’s director of excavations, similarly contested Maeir’s suggestion that the account of Goliath of Gath is mythical.“It is more likely that the Philistines who had arrived around 1177 from the Aegean region were physically larger than the Israelites and the largest of them were giants in the Israelites’ eyes,” he explained.The fortifications additionally date to the same era when David lived: the 11th Century B. “For those scholars that accept that David was a historical figure — and I’m among them — the late 11th, early 10th century, the time of the earlier phase of the city of Gath, whose impressive remains were just found, is the time frame in which David existed,” Maeir stated.However, he also remarked that since no giant skeletal remains have yet been found in Gath, perhaps the biblical record of Goliath being so large is a “mythical story” that was based on the size of the city.The Pennsylvania-based Associates for Biblical Research (ABR) pushed back at the assertion, as it rather views the discovery as providing further observation into what is already stated in the Scriptures.

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The walls, made of 3-6 foot stone blocks and large burnt bricks, were found at Tell es-Safi, a hill dig site not far from Hebron that has uncovered numerous finds from various time periods, including what appears to be that of the inhabitation of the Philistines.

Archeologists thought that discovered remains from the time of the destruction of Gath by Hazael, the king of Syria, as noted in 2 Kings (“Then Hazael, king of Syria, went up and fought against Gath, and took it.”) would be the largest to be found at Tell es-Safi.

However, this summer, it was decided to dig deeper, down at the lower city of Gath, to see what was there.

“I’ve been digging here for 23 years, and this place still manages to surprise me,” Aren Maeir, a professor of archaeology at Bar-Ilan University near Tel Aviv who leads the dig project, told Haaretz.

“All along we had this older, giant city that was hiding just a meter under the city we were digging.” “We got the feeling that perhaps this earlier phase [of Gath] is larger and dramatically more impressive than the city that was destroyed by Hazael,” he also outlined to The Times of Israel.

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