Lava life online dating

The experience with this app, was in no ways analogous to my experience from the early 2000s.Besides the fact that the app is super-glitchy, I subscribed and paid for 3 months; I was only able to access messages, and send messages for 1 month.

When we don’t get a single date set up after sending five hundred messages, we can’t possibly call the site quality.

Lavalife is most commonly used amongst young singles looking for fun, playful, casual encounters.

It does, however, also serve those looking to find their soul mate and get married, and even those of the older generation who may just be getting out of a divorce.

If a -tech- company can’t look up, and serve people who paid them, they deserve to go the way of the dodo.

I’m tending to think that the accounts that reached out to me might have been fake to sway me into not canceling after day one.

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