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But nothing was their."Awww" She said "K-k-k-kiss it better?

Jason stopped crying imediately and stuck his tongue out at Robin.

Artemis came out with spagetti and filled their plates, including Robin's.

The kids immediatley stopped what they were doing and imediatley followed Artemis's orders.

When she finished the story both she and Robin were blushing. It was about love between Arty and Robin."Sorry about that" She said leaving their room."N-no problem" He stuttered. She smiled They ate breakfast and played once more."Lets play a game" Said Clary "Sure" Said Artemis"Okay, Arty Your a princess!

" She squeeled "Oh" Was all Artemis could say and quietly left the room She went over to his room and knocked the door."Come in" He said When she walked inside the room she saw the young bird on the computer. " He said still not looking Artemis in the eye."Okay, I need your help" She said A grin began to form on his lips."Keep talking" Was all he said."look we just came back from a mission and I'm really tired. If he wasn't her savior she'd strangle him."I'll do whatever you want for a week" She said clearly annoyed A cackle came from his mouth as he nodded."I'll do it"Artemis gave Robin the adress to the house and left his room as quickly as she could. They were both in their civies and she knocked the door."Ah Artemis!

You'll need to bend forwardslightly to allow the line to clear your body.

This thread hook-upcould be used for all sorts of stuff, like making a matchbox stand upin your hand, or causing a card to turn over either in the top of adeck or in your hand.

" He said They both blushed, they were so close to each other."Are you okay? He's asleep""Do you want to help me tuck in the rest? Robin 'saved' Artemis from an evil dragon(The three girls under a green blanket)At the end of the saving and horse riding the twins grinned.

Artemis smiled and kissed his forhead."Why thank you Jason" She laughed. Robin and Artemis both fell to the floor, Robin on top."Sorry! After a while she calmed down and resumed to taking care of the kids."Okay! " Robin said shocked"Yup all the time" She said pointing to Artemis singing Josh to sleep."" Artemis's voice was suprisingly sweet Robin smiled. " The twin said obviously not dropping the topic."Yeah" He admitted Artemis came back."Okay. Which was horrible for Robin."Arty I want a kiss""Arty sleep with me tonight""Arty cuddle with me"This kid wouldnt give up. Artemis in their mothers old wedding dress and Robin in a tux When they saw each other they blushed at how great the other looks.

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