Intj entj dating

You know when people think you are to cold and to objective? If things go right, you should have a stable relationship with rare, but deep displays of feelings.Not that you won’t talk, you will, but most on the rational level.What you both SHOULD be worried about, specially you, is what I call the “J” conflict.Whenever your opinions differ, this should: a- take to a long NT discussion that should make you both grow providing you are both equilibrated and your overall life views are not radically incompatible.

The feeling exchange that WILL happen, though should be intense to the point were both of you should remind to cope with it the other’s intensity and not be harsh about it, since you both hide and protect your feelings so much. Overall you’ve found a good match, one that I envy. In all honesty, your response has been the best I have read online, in regards to ENTJ and INTJ dating. Other than that she had some great qualities; but I must say, after dating her and another INTJ, they are a bit too boring for me.Other than that, we seem to be compatible in a lot of areas. Just because your introverted does not mean you have to be a hermit in my opinion. I am really not disappointed at all, in my lack of luck in dating.I am just thankful for MBTI, it has really helped me to understand what I need from a woman. I mean everyday, I had to give her attention, and I am not that kind of guy.The two INTJ’s, I talked to were just too introverted, and anti-social for my tastes; I do not fault them for anything. I am not going to base all INTJ’s on this short experience, but I will say in defense of the INTJ’s, that these two women I dated had personality quirks, that may not be typical of an INTJ.Just because your introverted does not mean you have to be a hermit in my opinion. I’m nineteen and have had this experience with the ENTJ male from the opposite side.

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