Ill parentnow moved cat dating

They often said these people would have had longer lives had they stayed on Earth:: Dead by 30 because they went up to Planet Immortality, ironically. To be angry is the green light they want.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------When people get up there the gods want to appear as moral superiors and apply a fair standard as a result.

There was symbolism behind the movie "Logan's Run". The fact is they ARE biased, suck germans and bite Africans, and this bias comes through HERE on Earth, for they push people into evil, instruct AI to prevent them from thinking clearly and incurr damage, etc all to ensure their bias produces restricted time/priveledge level and the damage is done before people even get up there.

They use Brain Less Clone Hosts for a reason::: BEING FAMOUS IS BAD FOR YOU!!!

Famous people incurr evil by playing a part in this distraction theater and is why they get their reals out and put these fake people in. And the gods manage this population by getting them out once they put in their time, every couple months to every couple of years depending on usage.

Politicians to take the country in a certain direction:: Iraq=war mongering, like the Romans, the Japanese, the Scandanavian rapist pirate Vikings, the Pawnee, among others.2. They are like gods in this society and those who delve into this celebrity culture will pay for it.3.

The wealthy to coerce into desired personal behavior.

They suggested they used the wealthy in this Situation to manufacture a vested interest ensuring scripted failure, Italians and their industialist Enforcers.

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Scapegoatting is a way to hurt the grossly disfavored and ensure as few as possible make it in The Big End.

[url= [url= or here [url= [email protected] from what I teach because this is THE event and it won't happen again.

Music is the worst distraction upon poeple because its appeal is maintained over time, unlike other tools they use in the media to prey on the disfavored (movies, etc):: You can listen to your favorite album again and again.

The gods made effort to draw parallels between these two for good reason. I'd like to remind people back in the day Hollywood stars used to make multiple movies every year.

They said there were like 100 Ronald Reagans spanning the length of his long career::: Hollywood, govenor of California then President of the United States. Expect this demanding workload to have been a clue to people suggesting multiple clones back when people were decent and the gods more generous.

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