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Recording – The quitclaim deed must be filed at the County Recorder’s Office (See County List) in the jurisdiction of the real estate.Specific Language (§ 55-612) – The word “Grant” should not appear in a quitclaim deed in Idaho as it presents to the Grantee that a guarantee is implied in the conveyance.This form will split this information across several spaces.The first space to the right of the term “residing at” must have the Grantee Street Address documented.Choose the appropriate file type to download then save it to your computer.

The line below this will be designated with the label “Grantor’s Name” and requires the Grantor to Type or Print his or her Full Name.

This must be followed by the Complete Address of the Signature Party.

Note there will be a separate line designated for the “Address” then one designated for the “City, State & Zip.” There will be enough room for two Grantors to provide this and there is no actual limit to the number of Grantors that may be defined here.

The blank space in the top right-hand part of the page is for the internal use of the Idaho County Clerk Office accepting this filing. Here, report the Name and Address of the party who physically fills in the information required by the State of Idaho.

Also, note the area for the Address will have a specific place for the Street Address (“Address”), a specific place for the State (“State”), and a specific place for the Zip Code (“Zip Code”).

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