Hooking up sex dating and relationships on campus

“For some women, the act is empowering because they are being considered attractive.However, women are the ones who have to walk a fine line between too promiscuous or not.” But some don’t see the practice as a big issue.Music theory major Matt Spielman said he would rather date than hook up.“I like the emotional satisfaction from having someone to play off of,” Spielman said.It usually is initiated in close group-based environments like bars, clubs and residence halls.This encounter can range from fooling around and kissing to oral sex and intercourse.Delayed marital transitions and declining rates of marriage have led to concerns that the rise of the “hookup culture” is associated with a devaluing of marriage.

“Men being able to attract many women boost their egos and image,” Bogle said.“Hooking up is not perceived as a big deal in society anymore,” said junior psychology and urban studies major Renaldo Mili.“Though I do find it to be fun, it is not the same for me as a physical interaction in a relationship with feelings.” Senior broadcast journalism major Cedric Hall said hooking up is just natural.Some students said they especially feel that with the stress of classes and deadlines, hooking up allows them to feel in control.“Knowing that I do not have to be tied down and having my day free the next day without being clung to makes me feel relieved,” said sophomore education major Bryce Carter.

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