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I'm not knocking the R22 its a great aircraft to fly fantastic tr authourity and positively sporty in comparison but better to fly it after you've got around 50 hrs helicopter time under your belt.

As for cost the 300 CB is competitive with the R22,(at least it was when I was teaching/training)as it doesn't have the 2000hr overhaul cost. The key is probably getting time on the a/c you are likely to fly commercially - in NZ maybe more likely to be 300.

Even if the R22 is a little cheaper you'll find you will hover and solo sooner on the 300CB.

My observations : R22 pros - cheapest, most numerous training heli, agile, easy to fly, "if you can fly a Robbie you can fly anything", governed ERPM. 2 pax 49g of fuel 23.5 inchs a good one will cruise comfortably at 80 knts. Try and get your hands on a 269B slower than a C but cheaper to hire than even a Robbie , probably find a CB is cheaper too.I just wish he would simply attend a RHC Safety Course. :)R22 It doesn't fly itself, but a trainer shouldn't be too easy.It's not a 'forgiving' aircraft, and can be tricky to fly well but, if you learn the basics in an R22, it makes conversion onto bigger machines much easier.I started on the 300C (it was all that was available in the area).I got to the point of soloing (~9 hrs) and after getting half an hour solo time in the 300, I had to go back to school where Robbies were the only option.

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