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“‘That will never sell—people do not want to watch a character-based show anymore, they’re really into procedurals,'” he recalled of the first meeting. ’ So we had a big procedural pitch we brought out that year and of course, that never went anywhere, and this passion project that I told Jordan about at dinner, Jordan said ‘I wanna make that.'” PHOTOS: Love on set Fans also learned that Ephram and Amy might not have been. Even more unfathomable, the cast wasn’t as goody two-shoes behind the scenes as viewers may have thought.It turns out, Drew was initially brought on board to play Smith’s romantic interest, but the chemistry just wasn’t there. According to Smith, he actually related to his character on several levels, including a scene that dealt with, ahem, premature ejaculation.

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Unfortunately for Hannah and Bright (Chris Pratt) shippers, the actor was unable to attend the fest.Andy Brown (Treat Williams) moving his son Ephram (Smith) and daughter Delia (Vivien Cardone) to Everwood, Colorado.The coming-of-age WB series ran from 2002 to 2006, and from the reactions of the former costars this weekend, it appeared as though the group had never left their small town behind. Actors on hand for the special event—which also reunited casts from included Smith, Cardone, Sarah Drew (Hannah Rogers), Tom Amandes (Dr.Cardone added: “I had such an incredible time in Austin!I’m so proud to call this talented & beautiful group my family!

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