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Census Bureau reports there are 40 million Americans ages 65 or older, and nearly 10 million are at least 85 years old—the so-called "oldest old." We are living longer, and increasingly Americans have long term care insurance or some other means of paying for care in their own homes.

"Everything predicts care is going to continue to move to the home." She said there are almost 11,000 senior care agencies in the U. Cydney Kaplan, a former reality television producer who has a degree in therapeutic recreation, launched Independent Living Concierge in Los Angeles last summer.

Granny's positivity rubbed off on Stollak, giving the latter the ability to laugh about her most terrible dates.

As the number of would-be suitors increases, readers’ patience for the author’s flippancy goes down.

Your caregiver will follow your instructions specific to your wants and needs; in some cases it may be necessary to consult with your loved ones physician(s), hospital, social worker(s) or nursing home.

We are very committed to your family's privacy and will not discuss any of your information without prior authorization.

"A lot of seniors have dignity issues, where they don't want to be seen with a caregiver.

Our number one priority is ensuring you receive the home care you or a loved one require and deserve.

At the urging of her spirited grandmother, aka Granny, she began to see the upside of being an attractive, single woman. "It was time," writes Stollak, "to relinquish our egos, bury the stigma, and embrace the humility of the online dating process." Both women created profiles and shared with one other, often in crass detail, their respective responses and in-person encounters.

The process also taught them more about what each one required in a partner.

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