Google latitude background updating android

In version 5.0 of the Google Play Store, you can still view permissions for an app by touching “Permission details” at the bottom of the app’s page.Manually updating apps allows you to review the permissions for each one, making sure they are ones you either agree with or can tolerate.This is the case even when your app is requesting more frequent location updates.

In the Play Store, touch the menu button in the upper-left corner of the screen. The “Auto-update apps” option is in the “General” section of the “Settings” screen. Data charges may apply,” then your apps will be automatically updated.Update According to developer docs starting from Android O they have added new limits on background location.If your app is running in the background, the location system service computes a new location for your app only a few times each hour.Data charges may apply.” To change this setting, touch “Auto-update apps.” The “Auto-update apps” dialog box displays.To prevent apps from automatically updating, touch the “Do not auto-update apps” option.

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