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Next were Hack the Army which paid out approximately 0,000 for 118 valid reports, and Hack the Air Force, which earned participants 0,000 for 207 valid reports.

The General Services Administration (GSA) has launched a bug bounty program that offers rewards ranging between 0 and ,000, and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced a million contract with security testing firm Synack for help in securing its online presence.

"Video is unstructured, it's not searchable," explained Amit Gavish, Briefcam's US general manager.

Without artificial intelligence, he says, ''you had to go through hundreds of hours of video with fast forward and rewind." "We detect, track, extract and classify each object in the video.

For Marc Rotenberg, president of the Electronic Privacy Information Center, the rapid growth in these technologies raises privacy risks and calls for regulatory scrutiny over how data is stored and applied.Palo Alto Networks does not have information on the individuals or organizations targeted with Reaver, but based on the groups previous campaigns, the attacks were likely aimed at one of Chinas Five Poisons: Uyghurs, Tibetans, Falun Gong, the Chinese democracy movement, and the movement for Taiwans independence.Once it infects a device, Reaver can help its operators collect information about the compromised system, including CPU speed, computer name, username, IP, memory information and Windows version.The video feeds will be analyzed using artificial intelligence to identify vehicles by license plate or other features and "give an extra set of eyes" to officers on patrol, says David Hinojosa of Coban Technologies, the company providing the equipment.The program is part of a growing trend to use vision-based AI to thwart crime and improve public safety, a trend which has stirred concerns among privacy and civil liberties activists who fear the technology could lead to secret "profiling" and misuse of data.

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