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It is recommended NOT to use "format" keyword implementations with untrusted data, as they use potentially unsafe regular expressions - see Re Do S attack.Please note: if you need to use "format" keyword to validate untrusted data, you MUST assess their suitability and safety for your validation scenarios.The concerns you have to be aware of when extending JSON Schema standard with custom keywords are the portability and understanding of your schemas.You will have to support these custom keywords on other platforms and to properly document these keywords so that everybody can understand them in your schemas.

To report a security vulnerability, please use the Tidelift security contact. Please do NOT report security vulnerabilities via Git Hub issues.

You can also supply any other transpiler as a function via property (if the schema is asynchronous), so you can differentiate these functions if you are using both synchronous and asynchronous schemas.

Validation result will be a promise that resolves with validated data or rejects with an exception See Options.

Ajv version 6.0.0 that supports draft-07 is released.

Currently Ajv is the fastest and the most standard compliant validator according to these benchmarks: See API and Options for more details.

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