Gay dating ukraine

Kopko served in the artillery and says he has never been in a close fight and rarely even saw his target. “Near Debaltsevo and Starobeshevo we were shelled 10 to 15 times a day,” Kopko recalls.The soldier says a lot of strange things were happening at war.He has the warmest memories of his comrades, who were “a real brotherhood.” His commanders even invited him to rejoin the army as a professional soldier.But Kopko doubts that the invitation will still stand after this story is published. He wasn’t open about his sexuality while serving in the army (“For obvious reasons,” he says), but decided it would be right to open up about it now. Tough service Kopko says he never considered dodging the conscript, although he knew that Ukraine’s army was a mess.“There was one day when we were constantly shelled and were waiting for the order of some kind, but no order would come.This indefinite waiting was the most horrible thing to me,” he recalls.

Or we were ordered to leave a base suddenly, and minutes after that the base was shelled,” Kopko recalls.

She says that she hasn’t heard of any scandals regarding sexuality in all this time.

But in Ukraine’s peaceful life, the homophobia outbursts are frequent.

“Be youheterosexual or homosexual, private life is not a matter for discussion thereat all.

There, it is all about war.” Batyrskaya is a war psychologist at Psychology Crisis Center and has been working with Ukrainian soldiers for two years now.

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