Faith based dating

How can you feel the love of God if you do not love yourself? ” A loving relationship with yourself is the key to the love and joy you seek.

Developing a Christian relationship that honors your religious beliefs and yourself is the goal.

Dating is often simultaneously a fun and stressful experience.

From the time a couple discovers how much they have in common to the time they discover what it is about the other person that makes them go mad, many ups and downs are involved in the process.

As well as being able to filter matches by location and age, the app also lets users share their favorite Bible verses to give more insight when they are considering the possibility of connecting with another user.

With its newly launched mobile app, Collide brings modernity to the christian dating community by providing a fun and easy way to start up a meaningful partnership.

It is important to exercise care in dating to be sure to avoid either intentionally or unintentionally harming the other person.

For a sturdy, faith-based rapport, always consider the actions of Jesus and ask yourself what Jesus would do in a particular situation before you make any decisions of your own.

Whether you are interested in a Jewish relationship or a Christian relationship, the opportunity exists to learn self-acceptance from these interactions.

When you react strongly to someone, whether positive or negative, its purpose is to draw your attention.

You are reacting because you hold a judgment about whatever attribute or situation has prompted your response.

During our search, relationships with others are meant to mirror our own current issues.

This is a gift as it assists our learning and development.

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