Extroverts dating

Instead of commenting on the other person, just do your own thing and see how it goes.Betsey, 53, who calls herself a “chatty introvert,” says she loves to entertain.

But an introvert might be more comfortable revealing herself to one person at a time, and you’ll both have a better time if you let your partner be herself.

“Couples are allowed to burn out at different times.” If your date is done and you’re still having fun, it’s okay to meet back at the ranch.

He may feel the need to disappear into his phone if talking gets to be too much, but he needs to use his words, and not just vanish.

In this case, something like, “When you look at your phone while I’m talking to you, it makes me feel like I’m so boring you can’t pay attention to me—I’d rather you tell me if you are not into talking right now.” “You will be happy if I get alone time, so help me protect it,” says Camilla, 52, adding that she can be more present when she’s had her day alone with her dog.

When in a relationship with Cancer, you can be happy and miserable at the same time.

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