Expiration dating dietary supplements

Asking your healthcare practitioner is always a great idea. Lynch makes sure his patients are informed and that they pay attention to the expiry date window when choosing products.

He is especially conscious of expiry dates of liquid products and less cautious on things like trace mineral complexes.

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(5)(6) Don’t feel comfortable disposing your old vitamins at home? You can also go to a local pharmacy or hazardous waste collection site (7), in-person at any time for proper disposal. You can visit their website to search for a collection site near you.

If you are a health-conscious individual, there’s a good chance you have a kitchen cupboard or bathroom cabinet full of expired supplements and unwanted old vitamins.

In the spirit of spring cleaning, we’re going to help you clean out your medicine cabinet!

Usually, probiotic supplements contain double the amount of colony-forming units (CFUs), which refers to the number of live and active micro-organisms in each serving of probiotic at the time of manufacture, when compared to the listed “best by” date.

We do not recommend taking supplements past their labeled expiration dates.

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