Ethan hawke dating julie delpy

She was a full-grown, mature artist when I met her.She was much more knowledgeable about cinema, and she looked down on me—I think she judged me. I was kind of the adolescent American, and she was the wild European.” Dynamic Laughing, Ethan said, “That dynamic has pretty much stayed.I got to see her upset about how hard it is to go through this environment in Hollywood as a woman.” Has his friendship with Julie and the insights he gained helped him in his relationships?

Hawke’s answer may not be a definitive “yes,” but it’s certainly way more optimistic than a “no.” One of the reasons we may end up getting another “Before” movie is because Hawke just can’t seem to stop thinking about Jesse and Celine’s future.It wasn’t what she wanted to do with her life—to be cute.She wanted to be a filmmaker, and now she is.” Asked what he has learned about women from his costar, Ethan grinned and answered, “Julie would tell you, ‘Not enough.’ If Julie were here right now, we would be getting lots of laughs.“I’ve worked on Jesse at nine-year intervals [since 1995],” Hawke said.“I started working on that character when I was 25 and the last time when I was 41, so it’s been with me and I’ve gotten to put a lot of my own life into those movies.” Head over to The Independent to read Hawke’s entire interview.

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