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Being rude, dismissive, or condescending to people who are literally serving them just indicates poor character — which could mean much worse behavior than rolling their eyes at the waiter (like rolling the waiter's eyes into a pie) is on the way.

Acting Condescending It's natural to want to impress someone on a first date.

Or a charming con man with a lie prepared for every question you ask?

That's exactly what Debra Newell encountered when she joined an online dating site and met eventual husband John Meehan, who had the very apt nickname "Dirty John."Their relationship, which inspired a Los Angeles Times article and a podcast, is a perfect example of online dating gone wrong.

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Each episode will focus on a new true crime, with all the gory details, and a cocktail recipe to get you through.

It’s time to take your dating repertoire to new heights. These guys have over 140 climbs for you to defy gravity (and impress your date). Yep, all our childhood (and romantic) dreams have come true.

Climb up a 4.5 metre wall (sometimes upside down) with no harness. When you’re not up for some extreme skydiving, a little bit of Trapeze School is the next best thing (actually, it’s even better).

While that might mean someone is tempted to flaunt their knowledge or taste, it does not mean that they should be belittling you.

When you first meet someone, they should absolutely not be sneering at you if you order the steak medium, explaining to you how think your job works, or acting dismissive when if you mention, say, how important astrology is to you.

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