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There are a number of organizations that offer free or low cost assistance with ID changes.

Some great resources for this include: Whether you’re a medical professional, reporter, teacher, friend, or family member, moving past deadnaming is an important and easy way to show support for the trans people in your life and in your community.

It can also alleviate discomfort that may be associated with one’s old name.

Unfortunately, many people may struggle to adhere to a trans person’s new, affirmed name.

The AP Style Guide now recommends that reporters, “Use the name by which [the] transgender person now lives” unless using their dead name is relevant to the story, while Reuters recommends that reporters, “Always use a transgender person’s chosen name.”Although many trans people would prefer to not have their dead name used at all, and while the use of “chosen” to describe a trans person’s name isn’t ideal, these style guides set a precedent among media professionals to respect transgender people’s affirmed names.

Common recommendations include: You deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, including being referred to by your affirmed name.

If you’re going into a situation where your dead name might come up, ask a supportive friend to come with you.

Due to discrimination in both housing and employment, 30 percent reported having experienced homelessness at some point in their lives.

Another 30 percent reported having been discriminated against in the workplace or with prospective employers.

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