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And it’s not just his clients that love David’s unique style and talent. Continue reading Ghosting is the new way of blowing people off. Over the 15 years he’s been in the industry he’s become the most frequently-quoted dating expert in the media. Whether you’re a guy or a gal, if it’s straight talking, direct, and effective dating advice you need, David Wygant is your man. He’s a major contributor to Huffington Post and often crops up across television segments, newspapers, and magazines including, MTV, The New York Times, MSNBC, Fox News, Cosmopolitan, Men's Health and E! You can find out more about David and see his catalogue of dating and relationship-building products on his website at this article right now with an asterisk, because I have absolutely no idea why anyone would want to get their ex back.

His funny, yet natural and direct approach to dating, sex, and relationships has revolutionized the way people meet and interact with the opposite sex.

David Wygant is an internationally-renowned dating and relationship coach, author and speaker.

To find out more about David and all of his dating and relationship-building products, visit

He talks about sharpening your observation skills, owning your words, and stepping into a woman’s reality in order to connect.

David then discusses how mindset affects us, and why it’s important to lose attachment to outcome and be present in social interactions.

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