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Since these conditions are not directly caused by the trauma to the brain, they are not rated here but are rated separately.

Some individuals experience numerous TBIs—they could be exposed to repeated IED blasts, etc.

Each function is controlled by a different part of the brain, so damage caused by TBI can affect one, many, or all functions of the body.

Because of the vast amount of damages that can occur, each case of TBI is very individual and unique.

So, if the condition affects the ability to see, thorough examinations must be done on the eyes in order to properly rate the TBI. Examinations do not have to be done on a certain bodily function, however, if there are no clear symptoms to suggest that it has been affected.

Similarly, it is essential that the physician fully notes how the condition and all its symptoms affects the individual’s ability to function in necessary daily activities, like cleaning and cooking, self-care, and occupational tasks.

These conditions could include skin burns, exposure to toxic substances, amputations, etc.Remember, however, that it is the Rating Authorities who ultimately choose how a condition is rated.The principles discussed on this page are used by the Rating Authorities, but the various Authorities may interpret or apply these principles differently.Likewise, TBI can cause blocks in the blood-flow or hemorrhaging, which can deprive the brain of the essential nutrients it needs to function.If the blood is unable to take its nutrients to the brain for 4 minutes or longer, damage to the brain cells becomes permanent.

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