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Let’s face it: Dating is–and will probably always be–expensive. (*passes out) Most students aren’t exactly making it rain, but with a little creativity, you can go forth and swipe right without breaking the bank.See, there’s a difference between being a cheap date and going on a cheap […]','mywindowtitle','width=600,height=450')" class="social-bubble linkedin icon has-tooltip" Brianne is a Humber College graduate who stays busy as a freelance writer and social media manager while also running a lifestyle blog.Collect your favorite photographs taken in the course of your relationship, and buy a scrapbook to compile it in one place.

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If you’re in need of a few more ideas, be sure to check out free date night ideas winter and free date night ideas fall!

Many free concerts are put on by various schools and city clubs so be sure to find out when these are.14. Barnes and Nobles often offers a B1G1 coffee drink coupon. Keep an eye on your Sunday papers and online with your favorite eateries and take advantage of these savings.15.

Head to your local beach where admission is usually free after 5 p.m.16. Even if it is an amateur or high school team you will still have a blast for just a few dollars! Visit your local library and enjoy the free classes, clubs, books, DVDs, and music available.18. It costs you nothing and you will bond over helping those less fortunate.19.

If dining out, use smart phone apps such as to earn points on your purchase redeemable for gift cards.

(this is an awesome program and I use it all the time to earn restaurant points! Also search for local restaurant deals on these sites (and I have found some great ones, including a recent one for PF Changs: Deal Chicken, Half Off Depot, Groupon and Living Social! Use shopping reward programs likewhen you shop online so you can earn gift cards to date-worthy places such as Starbucks.10.

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