Dating noahs flood

Not everyone thinks that really proves anything, though, even if it's true.NBC News says the structure is more likely to be an ancient shelter than a giant boat.

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The idea of a great flood that wipes out pretty much every living thing on Earth with the exception of those lucky pairs who got to live aboard a smelly, overcrowded boat for months is somehow so adorable that we put images of it on infant bedding sets and in ABC books.

But if you really stop and think about it for a minute, the reality (or fiction, depending on what you believe) of such a scenario would be so extra-super sucky that if you went back in time and told Noah and his passengers that some day you were going to decorate your baby's room with adorable pictures of their voyage, it probably would be the only time the poor people had a good laugh for the duration of their entire ordeal.

Still, people love to tell the story of Noah's ark, and there's a lot of still-existing controversy about whether it's totally true, based on truths, or pure fiction.

According to ABC, one such theory was put forward by two scientists at Columbia University, who believe the Black Sea was once a freshwater lake that became inundated by rising seawater from the Mediterranean.

This wasn't just a gradual increase in sea level, either, but an "enormous wall of water" that came hurtling into the region with 200 times the force of Niagara Falls.

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