Dating motorcycle

We could list a dozen more but they all revolve around getting to know each other better and that’s difficult with the romantic interest sitting on the back, shouting through a helmet and over the noise of the engine.As bikers, the more miles we can put down the better the ride but let’s remember the purpose of this particular trip. Sure, there are few things sexier than having a romantic interest essentially wrap their legs around you while riding, but the art of knowing a person largely relies on actually looking at them.The date starting on a motorcycle shouldn’t necessarily dictate the experience being set at a biker bar or event.Whatever the destination may be, it should match the riding attire worn by your date.This article also gives consideration to the possibility the date has never ridden before.As mentioned, we did cover riding with a passenger in a previous article and it really should be read before continuing with this.If this phrase or thought causes a rolling of the eyes, think of preparation this way; we’re sure an immense amount of effort went into getting the date and along with hard-earned cash, more will be spent during the date so why wouldn’t a rider want to look competent on a motorcycle.The saying is labored but true, first impressions do count and it shouldn’t be that of an uncertain and wobbling rider. A search for ‘perfect first date’ could be summed up in three words, ‘planning, planning, planning’.

That’ll keep the investment relatively low for both of you, which is really important if one person isn’t feeling it.

Now picture your date at the bar or restaurant in that state. Both found each other attractive or intriguing enough to want to learn more.

There’s also a chance you could both have your last ‘first kiss’.

Part planning and a degree of thoughtfulness should go into picking a route that will impress the passenger with not just the views but how well they can be experienced from the saddle.

This will help with not only building enthusiasm for motorcycles but also feed the flames of love.

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