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It’s just something that I fucking love because it’s awesome, and it’s empowering and sex positive, and it centers the woman and thereby me or, you know, whoever they are. Because once again, Erin and I were big dum-dums, and we didn’t know that Romancelandia existed!It centers, it centers the human experience at the center of the narrative, and that’s what matters. [Laughs]Erin: I mean, besides the talking to Melody a lot more, sometimes multiple times a day now, I guess, I mean, Mel kind of touched on it, but again, I just, I just didn’t know this community was out there. And, as they mentioned during the show, their FB group is the Heaving Bosoms Geriatric Friendship Cult. You can talk to us on the blog entries for the podcast or talk to us on Facebook if that's where you hang out online. You can find the Heaving Bosoms podcast wherever you catch your podcasts, on their website, and, of course on Twitter @Heaving_Bosoms.I don’t care if I’m asleep, I don’t care if I’m in a meeting, I don’t care what’s going on. I’m reading something with words, all twenty-six letters of the alphabet probably in there somewhere. It’s about this lady who gets just, she just gets, she gets mated with these dudes because of this machine that goes into her brain and, and finds out what her kinks are, and then she’s like, you are made for these dudes, and then she gets to it, and they’re seven feet tall, and their dongs –Sarah: Oh my gosh.I was like, oh my God, I, I’ve got to go, you guys; I have to take this call. So what do you like most about, about hosting your podcast? Because I can tell how much you love your show and how much you love each other, and it’s just so friendly and warm. Melody: – because I didn’t have to wrap my books in paper anymore.

Quinn’s resolution to become a better person–dump her married lover, commence online dating and resume pole dancing class–hits a roadblock when her boss, Jamie, confronts her with compromising photos and threatens to fire her. Please do not miss the part where they reveal the secret ingredient to everything.Monthly pledges begin at one dollar per month, and your support for the show means everything, so thank you very, very much. Would you please introduce yourselves and tell the people who will be listening, including my transcriptionist – [hi!– gk] – who has to learn to tell all of us apart, who you are and what you do.. We’re a best-friendship duo that decided to become a podcast, and we take each week or, like, you know, sometimes we do two books over a week, but we do deep dives into novels.MORE MUFFIA and all the books in THE MUFFIA series can be found wherever books are sold. Back in LA, the Muffs agree Udi’s probably alive, but it’s probably too dangerous to find out.Quinn’s resolution to become a better person – dump her married lover, commence online dating, and resume pole-dancing class – hits a road block when her boss Jamie confronts her with compromising photos and threatens to fire her.

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