Dating interracial woman

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Between 20, its data shows that the percentage of people who would want to date solely inside their own race at OKCupid dropped from 40 to 30 percent.

And as Buzzfeed mentions, a 2017 Pew study found that 91 percent of Americans believe interracial marriage is neutral or good for society.

So, the numbers are looking good—at least in terms of how people think., Tinder’s own study involved 4,244 participants (both users of the app and not).

Yet, in 2009, Asian men on OKCupid rated black women 16 percent less attractive than the average woman, and in 2014, that same statistic The stark truth of non-acceptance and ignorance in 2018 is clear when told by a black woman, Ari Curtis, and her online dating struggles.

She talked NPR in January and recounted some of the baseless things white men had to said to her: “He was like, ‘Oh, yeah, my family would never approve of you,’ and ‘Oh, so we have to bring the ‘hood out of you, bring the ghetto out of you!

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