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At last some of them reluctantly confessed that for several years they had been subsidising cancer research.

Their advertising took on an almost testy tone of reassurance, but it was a reassurance about their concern for the health of the smoker, an apparent psychological blunder in that it insisted on the very context of disease from which they were consciously praying to be set free.

This ambition is evidently so beset with chemical and biological problems that it has taken almost a year to build and set up the necessary equipment.

Standing apart from all the interested parties who would seek to prejudice the truth by arraying the doctors against the manufacturers, there is one odd and important figure, a man possessed of a Voltairean disdain.

Meanwhile the medical profession is going ahead on its own.

The Institute of Industrial Medicine means to break down tobacco tars into their component parts and hopes to discover which fraction caused the skin cancer in mice.

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However, they have appealed for help to the middlemen, the tobacco distributors, who have taken the risk of forming a Tobacco Industry Research Committee, to finance an independent study of lung cancer.He warns against the false premise which might be exposed to prove only that smokers produce earlier symptoms rather than more cancer.He suggests that even if there were no significant association between smoking and cancer in the general population, a telling one might be found in the hospital population.But nothing gets to feel so normal as unrelieved luxury, and a desperate tobacco executive reflected that if every American smoker used "one cigarette less a day, our sales would drop by 5 per cent," which is to say three million packs a day, or an annual loss of 5.5 millions.The makers of filter-tip cigarettes made a virtue of adversity and came out celebrating the providential insight that had led them to manufacture a cigarette that "filtered out" all those menacing and by implication cancerous tars and fumes.

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