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Lost Greek City Dating Back 2,500 Years, Vlochos – 2016Just five hours north of Athens archaeologists discovered a lost ancient Greek city dating back some 2,500 years.

The discovery of ancient ruins on the hillside where the city sits is nothing new to archaeologists, who have dismissed them in the past as nothing more than part of an irrelevant settlement that once existed years ago.

In particular, the Lavrio silver mine was a source of wealth and power to ancient Athens and is interconnected with the rise and fall of the Athenian Empire, from 5th – 4th century BC.

The importance of geology in Greece dates back to the Classical Era when mines filled with silver, gold, iron and other natural ores contributed to the formation of the ancient Greek civilization.

Exploration of the partially sunken port have uncovered sunken ship-sheds from underwater excavations undertaken by Zea Harbor Project.6.

Knossos, the Capital of Minoan Civilization Offers More Treasures – 2016The newest discoveries on Crete at the site of the ancient city of Knossos suggest that the capital of the Minoan Civilization was much more influential and larger than previously thought.

It turned out that the columns were part of the ruins of an ancient naval base dating back as far as 480 BC.

Experts say that the pyramid’s plumbing could have been used to provide fresh water or removed sewage.5.Nearby burial sites that have recently been excavated revealed that the Minoans were still in the trading business in the region long after 1200 BC and that the actual area of Knossos may have been much bigger than originally thought due to the new discoveries.7.Significant Finds from Underwater Excavation at Delos – 2017The remains of ancient coastal structures, a port, a large number of shipwrecks dating back to various eras and significant smaller finds, were found in underwater archaeological excavations conducted by the Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities at the island of Delos from May 2 until May 20, 2017.Here’s a look at the 10 most important archaeological finds in Greece of the last ten years.1.Ancient Minoan Tomb, Crete – 2018 A farmer discovered a rare tombstone from late Minoan III period on Crete in August, 2018.

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