Dating game of numbers

Silverman, who happens to be a bottle blonde who works out at the gym and looks a trim 75.

Where do bald men with arthritic knees get off acting like this?

'' said Sophie Silverman, 85 years old and twice a widow, climbing out of the pool and settling into a lounge chair at her retirement community, On Top of the World.She smiled slyly, then said, '' I would like a note from his doctor stating that he's healthy -- or if he isn't, that he only has six months to live.'' Her companions whooped with laughter.They could have been any group of women anywhere, indulging in a favorite pastime: trashing men.Here is her latest personal ad in the monthly Senior Voice: '' JWWF [Jewish white widowed female], honest, attractive, ISO [in search of] happy, healthy and physically fit soul mate, 65-75 to give me back my life. They call, she puts on her best smile and meets them for coffee at the Burger King on U. 19 and Sunset Point Road, a prime first-date spot, and she never hears from them again.I like going out dancing, dining, travel, and would like a pleasant, romantic man for LTR [long-term relationship].'' Mrs. It seems that they, too, want someone younger.'' They don't want me, I'm old and gray,'' said Mrs.

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