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Behind the museum is an old Union Station Depot with several train cars and a coal steam engine.Watch the model railway, which is housed within one of the train cars.Be sure to watch for the train tracks outside the museum…this is where they drove the train to its current position, building the museum around it! If you are in Blue Ridge, or anywhere near the area, you cannot skip this train ride.Regardless of the age of your kids – or maybe you are visiting without kids – no matter.We’ve also tried to include the best platforms and public model sets. And if you would like to share a photo of your adventure for our listing that are missing shots, we’d be happy to highlight your photo skills!Visit the Transportation Corridor to see a 1917 steam locomotive.Don’t overlook a visit on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railroad.

You’ll see over 90 pieces of equipment, many of which you can climb on and enjoy.

When it’s time to relax from a day of excitement, Lake Winnepesaukah guests get to do it in style.

Climb aboard the Tour Train and enjoy the scenic views, wooded areas, and beautiful waters that are Lake Winnepesaukah.

Ride around the base of Stone Mountain in this 1940s full size locomotive.

The ride is 5 miles and lasts about 30 minutes, leaving multiple times daily.

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