Dating flats to rent classifieds advertising

Requires computer skills, managing emails/blog, filing papers.Send resume to [email protected] Call 310-836-6730 for more information.If the lease reaches its expiry date and neither the landlord nor the tenant give notice to terminate the rental agreement, the lease is automatically renewed for three years.In the case of furnished accommodation, the lease period is one year.Email resume to [email protected] • Help Wanted Looking for help to assist wheelchair-bound incoming Female Freshman in the dorms at UCLA Duties are in the evening for bathroom/showering assistance, etc.

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As a general rule, the lease period for an unfurnished apartment is three years.

The inventory document provides a detailed description of the accommodation and its contents.

Two copies of the document are drafted, one for the landlord and one for the tenant.

Deadline for placing an ad is 12 noon, one business day before publication. In order to receive the flat rate, the ad must be 20 words or fewer.

Anything with a space before and after is counted as one word. You can also order over the phone by calling 310-825-2221.

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