Dating english tinned tobacco

I noticed that the search tools let me display only the highest-rated tobaccos, and then to sort those by number of reviews.

So right off the bat, I knew which tobaccos were four-star rated, with the most reviewers saying so.

We are living in a Golden Age of pipe-tobacco blending, with endless choices to satisfy pipe smokers of every taste.

Let Tobacco Reviews help keep you informed about blends new and old, even as you help keep the rest of us informed by way of your own reviews.

If your tin isn’t shown try using our search feature to see if you can locate it.

If you still can’t find it on our site, it could still be worth a lot depending on condition, rarity, and the current market.

Russian Translation | Home | Fundamentals | Aging | Tin Storage | Bulk Storage | Jarring Guide | Cellaring Cellar Gallery | Categorization | Flakes | Touchstones | Moisture | Related Topics | Glossary | Appendices 1 ~ Generally, which storage containers should be used for aging? I took some editorial license here and separated out Mr.

Pease's findings into this first "general" question because I believe that they deserve to frame the discussion which follows.

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Pipe smoking is growing again, and Tobacco Reviews is growing with it.But notice on the main search page, down underneath the Advanced search heading, the small-print link that says "Show more search fields…" There's real magic in that link -- the power to slice and dice your searches by more than 20 different criteria.In short, Tobacco Reviews is both user-friendly and incredibly powerful.These seals do have a limited life expectancy, but that life is several, if not many years.I recently bought a couple of antique jars, and while I have no idea how old the rubber seals were, they were quite brittle and useless as seals.

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