Dating channel 875 sky

Dynamoo traced the domain address to Russia and someone named Alexey Pokachalov.

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Maybe the hacker believes the threat of being exposed to work colleagues and management will make people pay up. In short, this looks like a scam run by a low level, technologically inept Russian hacker who simply wants to make a few bucks or Bitcoins.

Flip through the TV channel guide and its features to find the package with the channels you want, then call to order DIRECTV for your home!

If you get an email that threatens to expose you to colleagues, contacts, or law enforcement agencies, don’t get overly concerned; unless, of course, you’re a criminal.

These kinds of emails have been around for a while, but have recently been on the increase and, in some cases, they are using an upgraded attack methodology.

The Porn Site Scam This scam seems to be spreading at a serious rate.

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