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CHAPTER BOOK Fairly modern term referring to books for older children which are organized into chapters, as opposed to “picture books”, which often are not.

CHIPPED Small pieces broken off of a dust jacket or binding.

CHAPBOOK Small, inexpensive books produced from the 17th century until today, originally sold by “chapmen”, peddlers, and hawkers.

Contents usually of a popular, sensational, juvenile, or moral / educational character.

CIRCA (abbreviated: ca) Refers to an approximate date when actual date is unknown. It could also mean a tear repaired and closed with Japanese tissue or other such type of paper used for page repairs in the trade.

BOOKLET A small book, often only a few pages long and bound in wrappers (pamphlet could be used as a synonym).CANCEL Due to errors or defects in printing, a book may have one or more pages removed from the text block by the publisher after it has been bound.The new printed matter pasted on to the resulting stub(s) by the publisher is referred to as a “cancel” or “cancellans”.ADVANCE REVIEW (or READER’S or READING) COPY (ARC) A special pre-publication copy distributed by publishers for review purposes.ARCs are sent to reviewers and editors prior to publication date.

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