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It also shows that such great Yogis take their semen inwards and use it for spiritual purposes, by taking it to the Crown Chakra, where it becomes Soma, Celestial Elixir, rather than used for mundane and such or sexual pleasures alone, absed on lust and ego, represented again by Indra’s nemesis, Vritra in the Vedas, and also shows how and why Vritra must be destroyed, or rather, transformed.Now that we have shown some aspects of how the Vedic verses have been unlocked in a more Yogic fashion, we can see some of the hymns ourselves from the Rig Veda and note their esoteric nature, relating to inner Tantric Yoga: This is the offering of the Ego in Yoga, or its surrender, and the transformation from the mind-body complex into the higher Indra-Shiva complex, or that of the Self or Soul which lies beyond the identification of the mind, body and such mundane creations or manifestations, which in Yoga and Vedanta, are seen as but mere illusions or hallucinations along the path, as impediments.‘He is known as the Powerful one, the divine Friend, the Encompassor and the Indestructible One, and he is the celestial fine-winged Solar-eagle.The Soma as stated before is the region of the immortal nectar in the Crown Chakra of the head, but can be attained only first by offering the ego, the greatest obstacle to obtaining the Self or Soul.‘The Indestructible One here bring heaven to give us aid, the controller of the senses from the celestial regions and from the atmosphere, the divine powers (shaktis).Indra we note, then stands alone, with no “Devas” or Gods to help him – meaning he has abandoned all images and forms, and plunges himself into the highest state of the Self, beyond all the Gods.

He appears as Agni Kumar and lord of wisdom in the Vedas, who leads the – worship of Ganesha or Ganapati, the elephant-headed God of Hinduism and son of Shiva and the Goddess.Whereas Indra is the Veda vidya or Wisdom of the Vedas and the Self, Vak or Para-shakti, the Goddess as Speech and the Supreme Power is called Parashakti is hence the great Speech of Veda, by which comes from Indra or Transcendent Wisdom himself, in manifest form.Here, the Yogi identifies himself with this Para-shakti, as the Veda itself and hence all Revelation itself, even that to the Devas or Gods.His powers are those of inner wisdom and represents the controller of hosts (ganas) of Shiva and the Goddess, and also has power over mantra and words, and hence is invoked first before all other Gods.In the Vedas he appears as Brihaspati or Brahmanaspati, the divine Priest and lord of word or prayer and mantra.

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