Dating and ultimatums

Why are there so many people in forced relationships today? Are men & women settling into a partnership because it is the best scenario for that moment or they got coerced into it?Sharing your life with someone you love can be a difficult commitment but living with someone you just “like,” will erupt over time due to boredom.Or better yet, why would you not give yourself an ultimatum instead of your mate?One part of the definition of the word ultimatum people often overlook or ignore is the part where it says that an ultimatum is an uncompromising set of terms or demands.“Marry me or I am leaving.” Women that resort to this scare tactic have not been paying attention to the relationship’s red flags.If she to have this conversation with her man, there is a problem that she has not noticed or is deliberately ignoring.Generally speaking, there seems to be a maximum “two year deadline” for women who want a marriage commitment from their partner.Ultimatums are a common discussion at this time of the relationship.

Deciding to ignore the signs is limiting your happiness and cheating you out of a wonderful future with someone more compatible.Ladies, issuing an ultimatum may bring you closer to achieving the goals you have set for your ideal relationship, but the goals you have set may not be the goals your mate has, or have in mind.And if you are planning to have a productive relationship then you must be on one accord with your mate. Am I prepared for results that are the opposite of what I wanted? How much longer do I plan on staying in a relationship that lacks a sincere commitment? Are we equally yoked, and have the same mindset when it comes to commitment?So ladies, if you are contemplating giving your man an ultimatum, ask yourself these questions before you do; 1. But it is my belief that if a man wants to be with you, and if he is indeed the man for you he will say and show so without any push from you, but a push from his heart.Ladies, it is said that you should not be anxious for anything, and if you believe this then there is no need to think about giving an ultimatum.

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