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Their dependability and calm nature can make them great partners in times of crisis.Good manners and presentation are also key when looking to impress someone, especially when dining.It’s typical for both Belgian women and men have active schedules and many committments – including with family – and it can be hard to get a place on their agenda.Likewise, your Belgian date is less likely to be available for last-minute plans or impromptu dates.I feel as if she is just using me when she needs me or she came back just for the validation of me still having feelings for her. I do want to be with her but she needs to make a lot of changes and trust me. The basic question with seeing people is "Are they worth the trouble"? Commitment is easily the most important thing for a serious relationship. I'm being blunt because I was in an emotionally abusive relationship for years before I was able to get out, then spent years in therapy to become whole and healthy. Sorry if this seems all over the place and let me know if I need to clarify anything. The guy was manipulative and got off on playing mind games.

Punctuality is also a prided trait, and turning up late is a sign of disrepect.Then finally we stopped seeing each other because I couldn't deal with her being so wishy washy and not trusting me and blaming me for all these issue when she was the one creating the problems in the first place. She then texted me two weeks after that saying how much she missed me and thinks about me all the time.I decided to just talk casually and told her to think about how she feels and we can talk in a couple days in person about if she wants us to commit to actually being together.I then told her I cared about her a lot and she said that she couldn't do this, it hurts to much to talk to me.She then also told me she went to a rave and did something she wasn't proud of to help her forget about me.

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